Perspective Plan

Process Of Perspective Plan

          The Perspective Plan 2016-21 Of the Govt. College Khertha is prepared by the IQAC with College Planning Board. The IQAC has decided to approve Participatory approach together suggestions ideas from the various stock holders. The interaction Process included the meeting with all the member of the IQAC Including Various committee members. The IQAC has collected feedback from various members of faculty and committees. Recommendations from all these initiatives have been incorporated in the perspective plan. 


1. To introduce new certificate course for students, specially related with basic Computer knowledge.

2. Installation of solar roof top plant for energy conservation.

3. Enhancing research environment in campus.

4. Strengthening of alumni welfare association to increase their greater utilization in college Development.

5. Organizing more expert lectures from subject expert’s entrepreneurs, and other expert for the development of personality and technical knowhow.  

6. To provide skill those are useful in cutting edge competition.

7. Registering MOU’S with various organization.

8. Endeavour to receive grunts from different funding agencies. 


 1.  Better employment opportunities for graduates.

 2.  More budget allocation and expenditure.

 3.  Increase & improves academic and non-academic MOU’S Participation.

 4.  Improving the quality of teaching, learning and students development.

 5.  Digital transformation of the institute.


1.      Develop a holistic student experience to produce leaders for the future.

2.      Best Practices & innovation in pedagogy curricular material & assessment.

3.      Career satisfaction & Advocacy.

4.      Value creation through innovation.

5.       Secure financial strength to sustain institutional viability.


1.     Create a culture of collaboration & learning to attract, retain & develop diverse & talented employees.

2.     Develop clear academic and career pathways with personalized support to increase enrollment & promote students success.

3.     Enhancing the quality & employability of our students, graduates & alumni through cultivation of community.

4.     To develop a botanical garden filled with diversity at plant.

5.      Improve cost effective infrastructure.


1.     Cultivate a constructive & motivating educational environment aimed at achieving academic excellence.

2.     To maintain &enhance institute overall excellence in order to ranked among the top colleges through NIRF. 

3.     Cooperate with other HEIs, and interest group for achieving academic excellence.

4.     Develop& implement a long term ICT supported education plan.

5.     Achieve and maintain accreditation.   


1.     Frequent& transparent communication within the college community to functions as an effective team.

2.     Commitment to dynamic, creative, professional, intellectual faculty engaged in teaching, research & Services that enrich our students.

3.     Devotion to the intellectual, ethical & social development at each student.

4.    To promote harmony and women’s empowerment among the students & staff. 


1.     Adopt more student training/ internship and placement activities.

2.     Providing career guidance.

3.     Implementation of greater ICT tools in teaching learning.

4.     Faculty motivation about research.

5.     Function ligation MOU done with different organizations. 


(1)     To introduce value added course in every departments.

(2)     To introduce PG program in Arts &Science faculty.

(3)     Endeavour to receive CSR (corporate social responsibilities) grant.

(4)     To increase Co-curricular &extracurricular activities.

(5)     To promote students in different sports activities.

          (6)     To provide more support student to crack different competitive exams. 


(1)     To conduct activities like Blood donation camp, AIDS awareness dealing with COVID-19 pandemic etc. in order to give back to the society through NSS, Red Cross & Red Ribbon.

(2)     Promoting activities related to health, nutrition, self defense & entrepreneurship among the female students.

(3)     Modernization of existing Infrastructure of library & sport facilities.

(4)     To promote linkage & Extension activities in the college campus.

(5)     Extension & up-gradation of ICT facilities & supportive tools for better teaching & learning experience.