Institutions Performance Appraisal System for teaching and non-teaching staff

The Performance Appraisal System of teaching staff is under the rules of UGC & Higher education. At the ending of every year, all teachers fill a Comprehensive Self Assessment. Teachers maintain the records of teaching, examinations, college work, Research and Project to calculate their API score.

Appraisal for teaching staff is based on the Performance Based Appraisal Scheme (PBAS) proforma submitted by faculty seeking for promotion. The PBAS proforma details individual teachers’ teaching-learning and evaluation related activities; research and academic contributions; administrative support and contribution in extra- and co-curricular activities as had been detailed in UGC guidelines.

College also provides an opportunity for the faculty member to discuss his/her performance with the Principal. During these interactions, the Staff member becomes aware of the Principal’s expectations from him/her.

The faculty member also gets an opportunity to discuss his/her constraints with the Principal and the necessary support expected from the Principal to overcome these constraints. During the one on one discussion, the work output of the faculty member is also recognized and discussed at length.

Based on the above a comprehensive evaluation is done annually. The analysis and suggestions evaluation report and reforms are made accordingly. The Principal evaluate the self-appraisal forms of the faculty members and then forward them to the higher authorities for final marking.

The college has a Performance appraisal form being filled by the non teaching staff and is approved by their in charges. They are given counseling by their heads regarding their strength and weaknesses and it is expected that those shortcomings be eradicated by them in the coming sessions. The Principal evaluates the performance of a non-teaching staff members and hold discussions with them about their performances based on their work output and quality. Appraisal is absolutely based on the performance and is free of any fear or favor. Appreciation is given to those whose performances have been good and professional counseling is offered to those who lag behind in their work. The non-teaching staff is appraised by their performance.