Naveen Govt College Jewartala aims to achieve qualitative and value-based education to student sothat they are nurtured to be job-ready and become socially sensible citizens ofthe country. The hallmark will be the holistic development of the learners, Quest for knowledge, freedom of expression and respectfor culture. Our vision is to produce generations of optimistic, resourceful,committed, and passionate future leaders who will continue transforming the societyand the nation.






The motto of Naveen Govt College Jewartala“Vidhyadhanam sarv dhanampradhanam”(knowledge is the supreme wealth) highlights our mission.Transcending knowledge beyond books and academics, Government College Khertha iscommitted to providing experiential knowledge that not only heightens theintellectual capacity but also builds the character of students.


To this end, the mission of the college is:


1.    To make quality higher educationaccessible to all sections of society, including the tribal population ofChhattisgarh.

2.    To provide opportunity of quality based,value-oriented education and sustain academic excellence to the students.

3.    To enhance skills of the youth for self– reliance and sustainable development.

4.    To impart leadership qualities amongstudents and make them responsible to the society.

5.    To develop courage, confidence andcompetitive spirit in the changing global scenario.

Naveen Govt College Jewartala
This college was established in the year 23 june 2023. This college was established to provide higher education to young and deserving students. We Can Provide Courses Hindi,English,Botany,Zology,Chemistry,Physics,Maths,Political Science, History,Geography,Commerce.